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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet My New Hedgehogs

Several months ago, I wrote about a trip to Ohio to purchase a few more hedgehogs. I have featured my first four hedgehogs over the last few years, with their different personalities and antics. I love these litter critters. They have become a great part of my families life.

Several months ago, I wrote about a trip to Ohio (a 9 1/2 hour drive one way) to purchase more hedgehogs. These hedgehogs were chosen with specific characteristics to implement into my breeding program. First they must have be healthy, from a reputable breeder. Second, they must have an easy-going personality. Last, I consider their color.
Now I would like to introduce my knew babies...
MMF Tiberia is a beautiful champagne pinto. We call her Tibby. She is the oldest, therefore was not well adjusted to being handle. We patiently worked with her daily, getting her desensitized to being touched. She is a little shy at first, but fast to come out and explore.

MMF Barney is our adorable little male. He is a grey pinto. He looks similar to our Spike, because I like this look the best. He was a little shy, but has adjusted well. He loves to eat best of all, so food monitoring will be a must for this little guy.

FHF Pepper actually came from Illinois. She was transferred at a breeders meeting, so I could pick her up in Ohio. Her color is dark grey with pinto markings. She is the youngest of our bunch. Having a super sweet, calm personality, she's okay with whatever you want to do. This little girl has grown fast, loving her food too much.

FHF Harley is also came from Illinois. She is also a dark grey pinto. She is very active and loves wheeling. I love her split face markings.

Annabelle and Lucy had babies a couple of months ago, and I am keeping two of Lucy's babies.

KMT Fickle Pickle was the runt of the bunch, although she has caught up and passed her litter mate. I love her dark grey coloring. She has a few small pinto marking on her rump. Each time I have bred Spike and Lucy together, they have always produced 1 dark grey baby. I always say I'm going to keep one, and this one stole my heart. She is really sweet, don't let her name fool you. I just liked the sound of it.

KMT Tulip is a dark brown pinto with a few small pinto markings on her rump. She has the personality of her mom. Although she is active now because she is young, I see her easily becoming a lap hedgehog.

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