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"Heavens' a little closer in the mountains"...I am living a blessed life at the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest in beautiful east Tennessee. Included on my mountain paradise is my husband (Terry), 2 sons (Zach and Aaron), 5 dogs (Dinky, Toby, Goob, Lucky, Lady), 2 cat (Jazzy, Junior), 10 hedgehogs (Spike, Lucy, Tibby, Tulip, Pepper, Annabelle, Harley, Pickles, Angel, Barney), 2 horses (Poncho, Brightman), 2 mini Zebu (Chief, Miss Lily), 2 goats (Mickey Mouse, Sara), 11 hive apiary, and numerous chickens. I love my family, which includes all our wonderful pets, and designing useful items for the ones I love. Most of my days are spent creating something new for my Etsy store (King Mtn Treasures), but I also love serving at our church (FBCE), playing games with my kids, hiking, fishing, gardening, photography, traveling, and just relaxing on my front porch swing.

This blog an extention of me sharing my life, my loves, and my creations. You will also encounter post on pets, family, tutorials, Scripture, lots of pictures, and much more. All post are created by me. Any info found from other sites, will be shared as a link or credited link. Please take the time to visit those sites.

Take the time "sit a spell", and let me know what you think. Your comments and ideas are appreciated, although any foul or hate comments will be removed.

All content is for your entertainment or information.
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  1. Hey Tisha! I didn't see an email or I would have messaged you personally. Wanted to say thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today! :) Love all your cute animal goodies! I'm your newest follower!


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