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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Precious Pet Series: Jazzy the Cat

Jazzy the Cat

My son, Aaron, loves cats, always has. We had a beautiful Siamese when he was born, but his allergy were so severe, and seemed to get worse. So we found a new home for her. After several years of allergy shots, we decided to get a new cat...

     Jazzy soaking up some sun

Off to our local humane society. Although they had many adorable kittens, I wanted us to get an adult cat, and he had to have some attitude because we also had a German Shepherd puppy. The humane society had several to choose from, but my eyes drew to Jazzy because he looked like a cat I had when I was younger.

     Jazzy looking adorable and he knows it.

We were able to take Jazzy out of his cage and take him to the "get to know you" room. While I was removing him from the pet carrier, he made the warning howl, you know the kind they make before they hiss and swat you. But then I sat him on the table and he started purring and rubbing against me. I thought maybe the warning was because I was a stranger, but he was in pain. He had a hernia under his belly, so when he was picked up, it caused him pain. Well as you know, I adopted him. When they neutered him, they also fixed his hernia.

     Jazzy doing his favorite thing, sleeping on the porch.

He is a very loving cat, loves being petted. He allows my son to carry him around but no one else. He doesn't like to be inside, so he spends most of his time lying around on our porch. That has caused him to gain some weight, 15lbs. A small portion of his time is spent killing moles and mice and leaving them in our yard. He also loves attacking my weinie dogs when they go to the potty (that cracks me up every time).

     It's time to get up and take some pictures you lazy cat!

In honor of our beautiful cat, I have started making a line of cat toys called Jolly Jazzy cat toys. They are all modeled after things he loves. I made these fish because that is his favorite flavor of food.

     Jolly Jazzy cat toys by King Mtn Treasures

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Enter to Win These Great Giveaways!

I love entering giveaways and there are so many great ones. Here are a few of the ones I entered.

Sew Darn Cute 

Cupcake Love

Sew Cherry Fabric Giveaway

Skill Builder Sampler

Accuquilt go

Memorial Day Sale!

I'm have my first sale. Take 10% off everything. Sale ends the evening of Memorial Day.

Don't forget to enter my Dog Gift Basket Giveaway. Ends June 1st.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Favorite 5 Friday

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing Etsy. It's not only a wonderful way to find a fabulous gift or to get inspiration, but also to mingle with like-minded individuals.
I will be promoting (blog, Etsy, Twitter) my "Favorite 5" every Friday, so contact me if you would like me to check out your items. Tell me what you think about these items or share some of your favorites...
Find something you want, just click on the name.

I love glass. I have a large collection of glass blown animals from Russia. So this weeks finds are beautiful and fun glass pieces.

As I mentioned, I collect blown glass animal. This turtle is one I would like to add to my collection.
Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle

These awesome earrings are in my two favorite colors, pink and green
Lampglass Earrings
Green Lampglass Hearts Dangle Earrings for Valentines Day or Mother's Day

This little hummingbird feeder would be cute in a flower pot.
Hummingbird Feeder
Miniature Hummingbird Feeder for Your Mini Garden

I instantly fell in love with this hot air balloon necklace.
Hot Air Balloon Necklace
Fly Away With Me - Hot Air Balloon Pendant

I love to root plants and this would be so pretty sitting in my window.
Blown Glass Vase
Hand Blown Art Glass Hanging Window/Wall Vase by Rebecca Zhukov

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pooch Pretzel Tutorial

I'm so excited, I received my first order for my homemade Pooch Pretzels. I thought I'd record this moment with some pictures and a tutorial.

The order was for large, cheese pretzels.

Sifting the dry ingredients: whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and oats.

Add in your wet ingredients: cheddar cheese, eggs (fresh from our farm), water, 2% milk, minced garlic, and margarine.

Place dough on a floured surface and knead into a firm ball. Adding some flour to make firm.

Roll out into a 1/4" thickness.

Cut into 1/2" x 6" strips. I don't have a dough cutter so I use a wide spatula.

Then twist the strips ( I couldn't hold my camera remote and do this at the same time...LOL) and place on a grease baking sheet. I make squares with the left over dough for my dogs.

Brush the top with an egg wash.

Sprinkle tops with fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

Bake at lower temperature for a long time for a good crispy treat.

The wienies know I'm making treats. I have to make them stay at the edge of the kitchen of they get stepped on. They are always searching for dropped morsels of cheese. Their favorite flavor is cheese.

These treats are made with real cheese and not flavoring, so I recommend storing them in the refrigerator. Although they can be stored on the counter top in a loose container up to 2 weeks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Friend in Need...

We have a teammate that is in need of our help. Her precious Dachshund, Gigi, is ill. Of course, this means Gigi's mom, Jen, is under stress from worry and the financial strains of the vet visits. Let ban together and help them with prayer and financial support. Follow the link to her story and store.

May God bless you Jen and Gigi.

Gigi's update

My Precious Pets Series: Mickey Mouse the Pygmy Goat

As you know I love my animals and they are a lot of inspiration behind my crafts. So, I am going to do a series called "My Precious Pets", each telling the story of each pet. I hope you come to love these guys as much as I do...
Mickey Mouse the Pygmy Goat
Aaron and Mickey's first show, winning Reserved Best Wether

Once upon a time, many years ago, our farm business was providing pony rides and a petting zoo for parties and festivals. We had some small goats in our petting zoo that I thought were Pygmies, but I soon discovered that they were not after visiting the Georgia State Fair in Perry, GA.  This is a huge fair with lots of livestock shows and of course, NPGA (National Pygmy Goat Association) registered goats. It was here that I fell in love with the Pygmy goat. In 2004, we purchase a couple of registered does and began our adventure in the show ring. I found a beautiful carmel buck in New Mexico that I had to have. I found fellow Pygmy lover to pick him up at a show in NM and bring him back to their home in Texas. We drove to a show in Henderson, TX (12 hours one way) to pick him up and it was here we found Mickey Mouse.
     Tisha and Mickey in Lebanon, TN

Mickey was the runt in a set of triplets. He was scrawny, but stole out hearts. We purchase him, to give our young son, Aaron, a show animal to work with. He has a friendly, curious disposition that made in super special. Aaron wasn't sure about showing (sometimes he liked it, sometimes he didn't), so I took Mickey as my personal show wether. As he matured, he began winning the big Best Wether ribbons. He always had that alert, I'm happy to be here attitude. This is what gave him his edge. Some judges thought he was over weight though. I think he is beautiful.
     Aaron and Mickey at Go Getter Goat Show

In the NPGA, wethers who win championships get ranked as bronze (3 wins), silver (6 wins), gold (9 wins), and platinum (12 wins). After they reach platinum, they retire. We attended six shows as year and Mickey was winning every one as Best Wether. I took him the 2008 NPGA convention in Perry, Ga. There were goats from all over the US. The convention has a show to place National titles on animals, Mickey didn't win but he got 3 votes. After the National show, we had two more shows, with Mickey winning Best Wether in the first show and 3rd place in the second. You never know what a judge is looking for.
     Mickey's wall of fame

In early 2009, Mickey only needed one more win to be able to retire. Unfortunately, I injured my back and have been unable to show any goats since. Now he spends his days grazing the hill behind the barn and laying under the fan on hot summer days. He still has that special personality that makes him a winner...especially to us.
     Tisha and Mickey at NPGA National Convention

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dog/Puppy Gift Basket Giveaway!

This is my first giveaway and I'm extremely excited and nervous. I hope you like it.

If you know anything about me, it's I love giving. I love finding that perfect item, wrapping it real cute, and seeing the face of person (or pet) receiving the gift. I say pet because my dogs love receiving new toys and treats (of course). So for this giveaway, since it's my first, has to be real special. Of course, I wanted to include items from my store but I also wanted to include some of my favorite things.

This gift basket will be perfect for your own precious pooch, a gift to a friends pooch, or to donate to you favorite dog charity for their use or fundraising. Whatever you choose, so think about it.

To register for the awesome basket you have to post a comment and tell me about who you are giving this gift to. If it's to a specific pet, tell me in detail about the pet and what he/she means to you. If your giving it to a charity, tell me about the charity. I will post the winner on June 1st and then contact you for shipping info. Participants must live in the United States. Please leave an email address to be contacted if you win.

This is what is included in the Dog/Puppy Gift Basket (see picture below). You will receive the items wrapped in cut cellophane with a bow:
1. BowWow Blanket - 17" x 20" quilted blanket/matt
2. Pooch Purse - for carrying your doggie stuff to the park
3. Nail Clipper- makes it easy to snip your dogs nails.
4. Combo brush- for short and long hair dogs
5. Grooming Shammies (2pk)- great for washing dogs face and ears
6. Bella Bowl - you get 2 bowls (1 pink, 1 brown); stainless steal, nonskid bottom ring
7. Squeaky dotz
8. Pooch Pretzels- 6pack 9. Fresh-n-Clean Shampoo- 18oz long lasting scent (I get more compliments about my dogs and this shampoo)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Precious Pets Series: Dinky the Dachshund

As you know I love my animals and they are a lot of inspiration behind my crafts. So, I am going to do a series called "My Precious Pets", each telling the story of each pet. I hope you come to love these guys as much as I do...

Dinky the Dachshund

     Dinky posing with my flowers

One day on Jacksonville Beach, I seen this little girl running around the beach with this little red Dachshund. I thought it was the cutest little thing, running as fast as it could, it's ears flopping up and down. I then thought I would like to have a dog like that. That was the first seed planted that grew into this gigantic love I have for Dachshunds. The desire to own one of these fabulous dogs stayed some where deep inside because growing up, I was not allowed to have an indoor dog or cat. After marrying my husband, who works and is away a lot, I started researching small dogs. I of course, read mostly about Dachshunds, but I wanted to check out other breeds to make sure the Dachshund was the dog for me.

     "Did someone say 'CHEESE'?"

Well, as you can see, I chose a Dachshund. In my research, I discovered the dapples and they soon became my favorite. I found a breeder about 2 1/2 hours away from me, that had a dapple pup that I thought I wanted. When I arrived, I sat on the floor to observe the pups, and although the one I came to see was friendly, Dinky was the one that chose me. I fell in love instantly.

     "Bahaha! Tobe you crack me up!"

Dinky is a registered miniature Dachshund, but I call him a tweenie because he weighs 18lbs. His color pattern in called "double dapple." You can have this pattern when you breed two dapples together, the pup will have a lot of white and blue eyes (not to be confused with a piebald). The breeder I got him from had been breeding her pair of dapples for four years, and he was the first that came out looking like this. You have to be careful, because they are at high risk for being deaf or blind. Dinky is neither but he is nearsighted. I have seen only two other dogs like him, one was deaf and blind, and the other was deaf. Dink will be 10yrs old this October. He loves squeaky toys, sleeping on the couch, road trips, treats, and cheese.

     Sleeping on the couch

I love all my animals, but Dinky and I have bonded in a way that I have never experience with any other dog. He comforts me when I am lonely or sad. He seems to know when I need a laugh and has a quirky way of  making facial expression or strange bark/whine sounds that cracks me up. He is real easy going, accepting any situation that I seem to put him in. He is currently registered with TDI (Therapy Dog International) as a therapy dog. We go to the local nursing home and assisted living every other Friday to visit and entertain the residents. He went on our mission trip last year to Jordan, MT and was able to visit their nursing home. Dink knows several tricks and loves performing for a rub on the head and treats.

     Enjoying some loven' at the nursing home

I cannot thank God enough for allowing this little guy to be a part of my life. He is one of my greatest blessings.

Check back next Tuesday for the installment of "My Precious Pet"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cast Your Vote

Cast your vote on the Etsy Handmade Top 10. One of my Cozy Saks if featured and I would appreciate some feedback.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite 5 Friday

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing Etsy. It's not only a wonderful way to find a fabulous gift or to get inspiration, but also to mingle with like-minded individuals.
I will be promoting (blog, Etsy, Twitter) my "Favorite 5" every Friday, so contact me if you would like me to check out your items. Tell me what you think about these items...
Find something you want, just click on the name.

I love this treat jar because it involves two of my favorite things; pottery and things for my dogs.
Valentine Red and White Treat Jar
Valentine Red and White Treat Jar

Another item that combines two of my favorite things; gardens and Dachshund (looks like my Dinky).
Silver/Gray Dapple Dachshund Metal Art

Who would not like a custom keychain or ornament of their precious pooch
meet koo:) CUSTOM DOG KEYCHAIN for sosuke

Your sure to get lots of big smile when you have one of these adorable lens pets on your camera.
custom standard LOVE BUG Lens Pet for your camera

A great gift for the Doxie lover...
Doggie Bracelet