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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Precious Pet Series: Jazzy the Cat

Jazzy the Cat

My son, Aaron, loves cats, always has. We had a beautiful Siamese when he was born, but his allergy were so severe, and seemed to get worse. So we found a new home for her. After several years of allergy shots, we decided to get a new cat...

     Jazzy soaking up some sun

Off to our local humane society. Although they had many adorable kittens, I wanted us to get an adult cat, and he had to have some attitude because we also had a German Shepherd puppy. The humane society had several to choose from, but my eyes drew to Jazzy because he looked like a cat I had when I was younger.

     Jazzy looking adorable and he knows it.

We were able to take Jazzy out of his cage and take him to the "get to know you" room. While I was removing him from the pet carrier, he made the warning howl, you know the kind they make before they hiss and swat you. But then I sat him on the table and he started purring and rubbing against me. I thought maybe the warning was because I was a stranger, but he was in pain. He had a hernia under his belly, so when he was picked up, it caused him pain. Well as you know, I adopted him. When they neutered him, they also fixed his hernia.

     Jazzy doing his favorite thing, sleeping on the porch.

He is a very loving cat, loves being petted. He allows my son to carry him around but no one else. He doesn't like to be inside, so he spends most of his time lying around on our porch. That has caused him to gain some weight, 15lbs. A small portion of his time is spent killing moles and mice and leaving them in our yard. He also loves attacking my weinie dogs when they go to the potty (that cracks me up every time).

     It's time to get up and take some pictures you lazy cat!

In honor of our beautiful cat, I have started making a line of cat toys called Jolly Jazzy cat toys. They are all modeled after things he loves. I made these fish because that is his favorite flavor of food.

     Jolly Jazzy cat toys by King Mtn Treasures

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