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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Adventures in Baking

I love giving gifts, especially handmade gifts. My idea here is to make something special to give to my special friends on Mother's Day. Most of my friends attend my church and there are several that I'm really close to.
I came across my book on making cake pops, and the "!", and idea was born. I didn't have a lot of time, so I was just going to make simple round cake pops. Now off to the store for ingredients...
What flavor? Oh, I have to make my signature color (pink), so strawberry it is. I had a hard time trying to make of my mind on the chocolate melts color too, so I just stuck with pink. Got the cake, frosting, chocolate melts, sticks, and back home I go.
I made the cake last night after my son's ball game, mixed in the frosting, and began to make the balls. Oh no! I've added too much frosting. They are really soft and will not stay on the sticks. "Uggh!" I place them in the refrigerator, maybe if they get real cool, they'll firm us some.
Overnight in the refrigerator did firm them, but not enough to add the sticks. So I won't make cake pops, but I can make cake balls. After melting my chocolate melts, I start dipping. It's going pretty good, but I'm not sure how they get the chocolate so smooth like in the book. I try dipping the with a toothpick, one spoon, two spoons, and they still have a obvious place that they were touched. Plus the excess chocolate pools at the bottom, making a flat bottom. I'm must be missing something somewhere. Here's a picture at my halfway point.
So I finish dipping the rest, some were more difficult than others. Then I took the rest of the chocolate melt and drizzled it on top to cover up some of the flaws...again I say "uggh." I put them in the refrigerator to harden up.
Here's the finished product... They don't look so good, but they sure do taste yummy. I love to cook and especially bake, and usually do not have this kind of problem, but this was difficult. My hat goes off to those who make beautiful cake pop/balls.

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