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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another view of the drainage ditch.

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Because of the slope of her back yard, we've had to dig a drainage ditch across the back and sides of the house. Almost finished.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Minded For Missions

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.   Romans 12:1
    To Montana or bust                                               Welcome to Jordan, MT
        Englewood First Baptist Church mission team in Jordan, MT
To live the Christian life is to allow Jesus to live His life in and through us. Galatians 2:20 says, "I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me." Jesus spent his life on earth as a servant and as a dedicated follower of Jesus, I believe in living my life in service to Him. Part of my service is going on mission trips. Being a missionary is first about spreading the word of Jesus, and second showing His love in service to others.
    A service window in their kitchen                        Replacing the back porch
Last July was my first mission trip. Since it was the churches first adult mission trip too, the plan was to stay within the boundaries of the United States. Our mission team leader contacted a few places and after much prayer, we were headed to Jordan, MT. Jordan in located in Garfield County, which is the size of Connecticut and only has a population of 1100. Talk about your wide open spaces. We had 48 members (22 were youth) of our church travel from Englewood, TN to Jordan, MT. While there, members made many repairs to the Jordan Community Bible Church and the parsonage, visited the nursing home, cooked, painted, did lots of yard work, were counselors for Bible camp, did some ranch work, and held VBS for the community. I was director for VBS. There I met and fell in love with many adorable children. We started VBS in a large tent in the park, but those Montana winds caused us to finish the week out in the local service hall. The drive was long, but it was the first time I had been that far west. The country is beautiful and we got to do some site seeing on our way home.
    VBS helpers and students                                    Handsome little Montana cowboy
    Going to the church for lunch                               Singing and dancing

    Sharing the gospel with colored birds
This year I have two mission trips to attend. The first one is with our church youth. I am currently serving as a youth sponsor (my first year). The youth, which is ages 13yo to 18yo, goes on a mission trip every summer. They usually attend Appalachian Outreach. At AO, they are given projects of construction for homes that have started deteriorating. I am leaving this Sunday with 22 youth and we will return Friday, July 1st. My second mission trip is with the adults of our church. This year we are heading over to Pierre, SD. My family and I will leave July 8th and return July 18. On this trip, I will be singing, taking my therapy dog to local nursing homes, and cooking the meals for our team. We have been praying that the flooding will start to recede before we get there.
Interested in visiting Pierre, SD or Appalachian Outreach? Follow this links for more info:

Lucy is keeping me company while I work on my latest post.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Lookouts are winning 7-0

Favorite 5 Friday

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing Etsy. It's not only a wonderful way to find a fabulous gift or to get inspiration, but also to mingle with like-minded individuals.
I will be promoting (blog, Etsy, Twitter) my "Favorite 5" every Friday, so contact me if you would like me to check out your items. Tell me what you think about these items or share some of your favorites...
Find something you want, just click on the name.

This week doesn't have a theme, just an assortment of awesome products...

I love all things country and having to do with a farm. This awesome chicken coop bird house would look wonderful in my front yard. 
Chicken Coop Bird House
Primitive Chicken Hen House Birdhouse Three Compartment Coop

These earrings remind me of drops of fresh spring honey.
Triple Drop Earrings
Triple Drop Earrings - Handmade Faceted Citrine Teardrops Wire Wrapped in Oxidized Sterling Silver

Very cute drawing of a German Shepherd. Looks like my dog, Goob.
German Shepherd Tile Pendant
Scrabble tile pendant charm of German Shepard Dogicature

I love this Kindle cover in my favorite colors of pink and green.
Kindle Cover
Kindle 3 Cover

I love the smell of coconut body lotion in the summer. Puts me in the mind of lying on the beach.
Coconut Whipped Body Lotion
Caribbean Coconut Scented-whipped body frosting- 5 oz-Paraben Free

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Precious Pet Series: Goob the German Shepherd

As you know I love my animals and they are a lot of inspiration behind my crafts. So, I am going to do a series called "My Precious Pets", each telling the story of each pet. I hope you come to love these guys as much as I do...
Goob the German Shepherd
     Goob at 6 month old
Four years ago we moved from what was beginning to be suburbs, to a rural mountain area. We moved here to get away from all the hubbub of living not far from Atlanta. After living here about six months, a slight fear started to set in. We have a lot of wildlife (often killing our farm animals)  and the county I live in is #1 in Tennessee for meth production (you can hide a lot in these mountains). This is where I decided we needed a nice, large outside dog.
     Goob at 3 months old
I grew up with a German Shepherd and have many memories of how protective he was of me and my sister. So I started my search for a nice, quality, but hopefully affordable dog. It had to be a puppy because it needed to grow up around and accept all kinds of farm animals. German Shepherds have to be conditioned to other animals. The dog I had as a kid was always fighting with other dogs and killing squirrels, cats, whatever he could catch. I found a breeder about an hour away. We conversed several times about her dogs and their temperament and health, and I chose and put a deposit on my pup. He was a large pup with the most soulful, beautiful eyes.
     "Are you gonna throw the stick Aaron?"
Finally after four weeks, we were able to pick up our pup. He had grown significantly. My youngest son, who was 7 years old at the time, could hardly hold this hefty pup. I named him Gabe after the archangel Gabriel. We soon ended up calling him Goob because he's very smart but silly too. Reminds me of Goober on the Andy Griffin Show. Introduction to all the animals started immediately. He was extremely smart and easy to train. To teach him to stay on the porch, I crated him at night on our porch until he was old enough to stay on his own. Now he sleeps on a big bed by our door. After teaching him to walk with a leash, I would attach the leash to my belt loop and lead him in my duties on the farm. He learned to respect and not harm all the farm animals. He also learned he's not allowed outside the gates at the end of our driveway. He obediently sits at the gates while we fetch the mail.
     "Hey I want that snowball!"
Goob's first devotion is to our son, Aaron. He loves this child more than anything. Aaron spends a lot of time with him, throwing balls, sticks, rocks for him. He also loves the water, sitting in the creek, waiting for me to throw a rock or weed out of my garden into the creek. In the summer, we go to Tellico River and swim. Goob always knows we're going and dances at the back of the car, waiting to jump in. He loves to fetch anything you throw and is often seen with a ball, stick or rock hanging out of his mouth.
     Swimming at Tellico River
When Goob was six months old, we had him neutered. He was fine when we took him to the vet, but something happened after we left him in the office. As we were getting back in the truck, we heard a scream and then a dog yelp. Seconds later, the vet came out of the office with Goob on the leash and his arm was bleeding bad. Goob had bitten him twice, and the vet was extremely mad. He wouldn't tell us what happened. All I know is Goob was scared because he had released his anal sacs from fear. Yeah, we had to ride home in the truck with that awful smell. Since then, Goob is not particularly fond of men, growling and sometimes snapping at them.
     Goob and Jazzy
I couldn't have chosen a better dog for us. Goob is an awesome protector and companion to us all. He is wonderful part of our family. His dedication and love is evident in those big, beautiful, soulful, eyes.
     Sun bathing in the front porch

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun at the Georgia Dachshund Races

This past Saturday I got to go to the Georgia Dachshund Races in Marietta, GA. This race was held by Metro Atlanta Dachshund Meetup Group and the proceeds were going to Dreamland Dachshund Rescue. It was held at Jim R. Miller Park, which had and indoor, air-conditioned building. They had set up a racing area in the center of the building with several vendors with awesome doggie stuff along the walls. Spectators sat and stood along the sides of the racing area. They had several other events besides the races, such as best nose, different coat colors/types/patterns, oldest/youngest, longest, smallest/biggest, etc. Here's just a few of the photos I took there.

Spectators waiting for the next event.
Showing off her wheels.
Another double dapple
A long haired cutie.
"Please let me out and play!"
My boys hanging out with Aaron.
Jumping the hurdle for a treat.
A very large wire haired Doxie

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Favorite 5 Friday ~ Adorable Hedgehogs

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing Etsy. It's not only a wonderful way to find a fabulous gift or to get inspiration, but also to mingle with like-minded individuals.
I will be promoting (blog, Etsy, Twitter) my "Favorite 5" every Friday, so contact me if you would like me to check out your items. Tell me what you think about these items or share some of your favorites...
Find something you want, just click on the name.
This weeks finds are in sync with my Tuesday's post on Spike our Hedgehog.

Of course, in order to appreciate these finds you "must love hogs." This is an adorable necklace.
Sterling Silver Hedgehog Necklace
Must Love Hogs Fine Silver Necklace

This little glass hedgehog would make nice addition to my other glass animal collection.
Lampwork Hedgehog
Glass lampwork hedgehog bead with apple

There purses with hedgehogs, but this one is my all-time favorite. I love the shape, great size, and nice bright colors too.
PK Pouchini for the Wrist - Hedgehog Meadows

This little hedgehog bell would be cute hanging on a hook in a flower pot.
Ceramic bell sculpture Little Hedgehog with apples

With long hair that gets in the way, I'm always pulling it back in a ponytail. These are just adorable and in my favorite color, pink!
Fabric Covered Button Ponytail Holders - Set of 3 - Animal Collection - Hedgie and Friends

Swimming at the river.

Jolly Jazzy Creations

As you know, my pets inspire my creativity. A few weeks ago as I let the wienies out for a potty break, Jazzy, our cat slinked behind the Pampass grass. He crouched down, wiggling his behind, then jumped on Toby as he came back from the potty. This, of course, set off a game of chase and wrestling. I love how these guys make me laugh.
Jolly Jazzy Cat Toy-Fish

If Jazzy is not sleeping on the porch, I know he's out hunting something to bring into the yard or on the porch.  I have found many critters who have suffered death at the end of Jazzy's paws. As I was disposing of a mouse, I began to conjure up ideas of toys for Jazzy.
Jolly Jazzy Cat Toy-Frog
Jolly Jazzy Cat Toy-Mouse
I have been experimenting with different materials and found that felt is my favorite. If you purchase good felt, it holds up well against bites and claws. Cats like to be able to sink their claws in their prey. After choosing my choice material, I had to design my toys. What kind of toys? Hmmmm... I chose to design these toys after all the things Jazzy loves. Sitting at my desk with pencil and paper, I chose a fish because Jazzy loves his fish flavored food. I've tried other flavors and all I get is a turned up nose. The second design had to be a Dachshund, whom Jazzy loves to terrorize. Third would be a mouse in memory of all the mice I find in our yard. I'm glad Jazzy is protecting our house from all these mice! We have a frog that lives under our steps off the back porch and he has out smarted Jazzy so far, but I catch Jazzy waiting for him to appear in the evenings. Caterpillars were a choice plaything this spring. I didn't like calling them caterpillars or worms, so I call them Wermies. I just think it sounds cute. I am currently working on a bird design, but I'm not liking what I have come up with yet.
Jolly Jazzy Cat Toy-Wermies
Jazzy enjoying a fish prototype
I have added embellishments such as yarn tails, feathers, floppy legs, etc. to these to make them cute and more fun for cats. I chose to stuff with polyester fiber and catnip, choosing on a premium catnip for added, long-lasting, fun for kitty. The hardest part was thinking of a name to call my line of cat toys. Jazzy's is an all-around happy cat, but Happy Jazzy didn't sound good. So out came the thesaurus, in which I found "jolly". I like the sound of Jolly Jazzy. I've made my own labels using Print Shop, card stock paper, and scissors that cut fancy edges.

You can buy Jolly Jazzy cat toys in my Etsy store: King Mtn Treasures

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yeah! Wiener Dog Races This Weekend!

I counting down the days until this Saturday in which we will attend the Georgia Dachshund Races. I first fell in love with the Doxie while watching one run up and down the beach after his little owner. Those little legs running and his ears flopping up and down. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. So I always love watching these little guys in action.
Check out this video of a race. This little Doxie blows the rest away but is disqualified because he run off track. You never know what they're gonna do.

My wienies are too fluffy to run in the race. Though, I do get to see them sprint up and down the hallway chasing each other. We will enter some of the other contest. I made butterfly costumes for them last Halloween, so I'm entering Toby in the costume contest. Of course Dinky has to enter the coat/pattern contest. If your in the area, stop by and see these amazing little dogs. It will be at Jim R. Miller Park in Marietta, GA. Here's the link for more info:
Georgia Dachshund Races

Down By The Pond: Small Animal Team Treasury

For me it is always fun but challenging to create a team treasury. When I create a non-team treasury, I always have a theme in mind. When I create a team treasury, I go to the member list and just start clicking on shops who's avatar or name peaks my interest. When I see some awesome creation that sparks my treasury creativity, I proceed with searching the other members' stores.

With this particular treasury, I first found the adorable felted frog by Blackberry Downs Woolery. Then the thoughts of all the musically talented frogs we have living in or around our pond that entertain me every evening. Finally thoughts of all the animals living life around the pond that fascinate me.

Hope you enjoy it.

'Down By The Pond' by KingMtnTreasures

I love spending time by the pond...Depending on where you live, here are a few things you would see around a pond. Each creation was made by a For the love of Small Animals team member.

Red dragonfly stain...

Snake Greeting Card

River Otter and Tro...

Green Frog Needlefe...

Lizard Mania - Hamm...

Handmade Barn Owl O...

Goldfish Art - Papa...


Deer painted rock

Tiny Adventure Dwar...

Butterfly Stud Earr...

Catipillar Finger P...

Stuffed Green Allig...

Sitting in the Gras...

1 Alba White Hardy ...


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.