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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Precious Pets Series: Poncho the Leopard Appaloosa

As you know I love my animals and they are a lot of inspiration behind my crafts. So, I am going to do a series called "My Precious Pets", each telling the story of each pet. I hope you come to love these guys as much as I do...

Poncho the Leopard Appaloosa
My sister, Terrilyn, taught me how to ride a horse when I was 10 years old and from then on, I was obcessed with horses. I would beg my parents to buy me a horse only to hear "they're too expensive to keep up." We did have a local horse farm that I could rent a horse by the hour, so if I couldn't own a horse, I was going to rent one. When I was older and had a job, I purchased a horse (actually several horses), only to have to sell them in a divorce battle. After several years of being horseless, I contacted my horse trader friend, Terry (who became my husband), and tried out a few horse. This is where I met Poncho, my awesome Leopard Appaloosa.
     Camping in the North Carolina mountains

Poncho was 3 years old and still green. The first time I rode him, I was on him bareback and just a halter and lead to control him. This is when Terry told me not to goose him in the sides because he would jump out from under me. Poncho proved to be the perfect gentleman of a horse, doing all that I asked, at least what he knew how to do. 
     I always love getting a kiss on Poncho's soft nose.

 I have spent many hours on Poncho's back and just watching him graze in the pasture. We've been on many mountain trail rides, camping trips, parades, and just wondering around farm. I've owned five other horses and ridden many others, and I have never bonded with a horse as I have Poncho. We just have that connection that I can't seem to explain. He does things for me, that he doesn't do for anyone else, even Terry. My favorite thing he does is he comes when I whistle, just like the old western movies. I'll whistle, his head pops up and off he comes trotting up to me for a hug and a scratch behind the ears. 
     Saddle and ready to go.

Poncho just turned 2o years old this past April, and he is still full of energy and loving life. I don't ride like I use to because of  a back injury, but when I do, he still carries me as though I were the love of his life. Poncho will spend the rest of his life here on our farm, grazing the pastures with his pal, Brightman,  and enjoying his treats.
     Grazing with Brightman.

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