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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jolly Jazzy Creations

As you know, my pets inspire my creativity. A few weeks ago as I let the wienies out for a potty break, Jazzy, our cat slinked behind the Pampass grass. He crouched down, wiggling his behind, then jumped on Toby as he came back from the potty. This, of course, set off a game of chase and wrestling. I love how these guys make me laugh.
Jolly Jazzy Cat Toy-Fish

If Jazzy is not sleeping on the porch, I know he's out hunting something to bring into the yard or on the porch.  I have found many critters who have suffered death at the end of Jazzy's paws. As I was disposing of a mouse, I began to conjure up ideas of toys for Jazzy.
Jolly Jazzy Cat Toy-Frog
Jolly Jazzy Cat Toy-Mouse
I have been experimenting with different materials and found that felt is my favorite. If you purchase good felt, it holds up well against bites and claws. Cats like to be able to sink their claws in their prey. After choosing my choice material, I had to design my toys. What kind of toys? Hmmmm... I chose to design these toys after all the things Jazzy loves. Sitting at my desk with pencil and paper, I chose a fish because Jazzy loves his fish flavored food. I've tried other flavors and all I get is a turned up nose. The second design had to be a Dachshund, whom Jazzy loves to terrorize. Third would be a mouse in memory of all the mice I find in our yard. I'm glad Jazzy is protecting our house from all these mice! We have a frog that lives under our steps off the back porch and he has out smarted Jazzy so far, but I catch Jazzy waiting for him to appear in the evenings. Caterpillars were a choice plaything this spring. I didn't like calling them caterpillars or worms, so I call them Wermies. I just think it sounds cute. I am currently working on a bird design, but I'm not liking what I have come up with yet.
Jolly Jazzy Cat Toy-Wermies
Jazzy enjoying a fish prototype
I have added embellishments such as yarn tails, feathers, floppy legs, etc. to these to make them cute and more fun for cats. I chose to stuff with polyester fiber and catnip, choosing on a premium catnip for added, long-lasting, fun for kitty. The hardest part was thinking of a name to call my line of cat toys. Jazzy's is an all-around happy cat, but Happy Jazzy didn't sound good. So out came the thesaurus, in which I found "jolly". I like the sound of Jolly Jazzy. I've made my own labels using Print Shop, card stock paper, and scissors that cut fancy edges.

You can buy Jolly Jazzy cat toys in my Etsy store: King Mtn Treasures

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