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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Much Requested Messenger Purse

About a month ago, I found some beautiful fabric with my favorite colors (pink/green) that I could not resist. Also, on my trip to the fabric store, I had an episode of frustration with my big, bulky purse. On the drive home, these two thought collide; beautiful fabric and new purse. I had been wanting to try a messenger purse for short trips around town. So I spent the rest of my ride home designing my purse.
After making my purse, not sure if it's the beautiful fabric or my design, I received a lot of request make more. The latest request have come from members of my church who have young girls. One specifically wanted one to carry her Bible in. So now I'm making a slightly smaller version for young girl...

Piecing together the triangles.

Adding the interfacing and decorative ribbon the the front and back. 

Adding the pockets to the liner. 

 The finished product.

You can purchase this bag in my shop by following this link:

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