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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Recycling Glass Jars

I have the hardest time throwing away glass jars. Spaghetti sauce, Peperoncini, diced jalapenos, yeast...all glass jars I refuse to trash. As my pantry piles high with glass jars, I ponder what to do with them. I can not reuse them for canning. My son would like to use them for target practice but I do not want the pasture full of glass. Pinterest has many ideas to decorate and use with Mason jars, why not these jars? So instead of buying tins or bags this year, I decided fill them with homemade candy as give them out this year.

I got the jars clean, some had to be washed more than once to get the strong pepper odor out. Lids are outside in the sun with a nice coat of red spray paint on them. My supplies consisted of ribbon, small snowflake ornaments, hot glue, Mod Podge, glitter, Epson salt. You will also need a small brush and bowls.

I hot glued the ribbon and snowflakes into position. In the bowls I mixed glitter and Epson salt. The ratio depends on how much glitter you like. Then I bushed the lids with Mod Podge and dipped them into the salt/glitter mixture. Tap the bottom to remove any loose pieces. I repeat this procedure with the bottom of the jars. I am not talking about the bottom the jar sits on, but just the lower part of the jar. Now leave them to dry a few hours

I am making homemade pecan turtles to fill in these jars. The recipe is located HERE.

 Jars do make a nice gift reservoir, not limited to Christmas. Here is where your creativity can soar!!! Birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day...the ideas are endless.

 Do you have a great recycle/repurpose idea? Share it with us.

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