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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cozy Saks For ALL Small Animals

When Dinky, my Dachshund, came to our home, I soon discovered his the insationable desire to bury in something. After getting tired of picking blankets up because he would root them off his bed, I decided to come up with a way he could get inside...the Cozy Sak was born. I tried several different materials, but the sturdiness, easy care, and variety has me always coming back to flannel and fleece. I have made many of these in two sizes, fitting the mini Dachshund and tweenie Dachshund.
This is a large Cozy Sak, measuring 19" x 25".
This medium Cozy Sak measures 17" x 20".
Then, Spike the hedgehog came to live at our home. He also love to bury and hide himself in or under things. So I sized down the Cozy Sak to a xsmall 10" x 10" for little Spike to enjoy.
I've recently sold a couple of x-small Cozy Saks to a customer who had guinea pigs. She contacted me and stated that her large guinea pigs loved them, but she would like to have them a little bigger. After her custom order was finished, I have started making small saks that measures 12" x 12".
Caroline shows you how comfy the small Cozy Sak is for larger guinea pigs and small rabbits. With the addition to the new size of Cozy Saks, I decided to add a micro size for the super small animals such as hamsters and mice.
I don't have a model for the micro Cozy Sak, but you can compare the size with my hedgehog, Lucy, standing next to it.

So if you wanting your small animal to be comfy, check out the many sizes and colors of Cozy Saks at King Mtn Treasures. Take 10% off your Cozy Sak with coupon code:KMTBLOG, expires April 30th, 2012.

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