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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Love How Things Work Out

For the last 6 months, I have been looking to add to my hedgehog family. I had checked out many breeders, when I found Millermeade Farm in Ohio. She had several little guys that I would love, and I pleaded with my husband to make the 9 hour (one way) trip, but he refused with gas prices rising. About a month after that, I had shared a cute photo of one of hedgies on my Facebook page, that's when my friend, Chastity from Alabama, contacted me. She told me that several hedgehog breeders in the north (Ohio, Illinois, Iowa) were having a meeting on March 17-18 in Illinois, and that she and her sister-n-law were getting some hedgehogs shipped, would I be interested in getting some and splitting the shipping fee. It cost about $350 to ship 5-6 hedgehogs. I told her about the breeder in Ohio and how I begged my husband to make the road trip. She then told me that that breeder was going to be at the meeting and she was getting one of her babies. All the hedgehogs her and her sister-n-law were purchasing were going to be brought to Illinois and then shipped from there. Chastity told me if I could talk my hubby into making the trip, she would be glad to pay for our gas, hotel stay, or buy me a hedgehog. I was super excited and couldn't wait to approach my husband with this new info. He said yes! I then had to contact the breeder in Ohio to make sure she could bring back the other hedgies and house them till we got up there, she could. So the ball was rolling into motion, we planned our trip for March 20th-21st.
This is one of my current hedgehogs, Lucy. She's asleep on my son's belly. We call her our lap hedgehog.
In another part of our husband is leader of our mission committee at our church. We try to go on one week long mission trip every year. This years trip was going to be a combined trip of families and our youth group. With a large youth group, the combination usually ends with around fifty people. This year we had narrowed our trip down to a place in Maryland, NY. They have several needs, spiritually and physically, that need to be worked on. We usually have someone go up and scout out the construction that needs to be done, presenting pictures before the committee, so we can decide on tools, budget, etc. Two gentlemen made the trip in two days. At our next meeting the pictures were presented, and we all thanked God, for the revelation. If we had traveled up there with all the youth, it would had been a disaster. The work needed and living arrangements were grossly misrepresented. After much prayer, it was decided that this was not the mission that our youth needed to attend. We do plan to send a small group of adults to work in that need. Now we were back to square one. The next meeting was Sunday, March 18, our pastor had mentioned that he had been in contact a few weeks ago with Southern Baptist Association in Ohio about some work needed there. My husband and I just looked at each other...we were going to Ohio in 2 days! Come to find out we would pass within 10 miles of the work needed in Ohio. Coincidence? I think not!
This is our large group of families and youth, on a mission trip to Jordan, Montana, two years ago.
On March 20th at 3AM, we left for Montpelier, OH. Our appointment for hedgehog pickup was at 1:30 that afternoon. It was a pleasant, uneventful trip up. We stopped and enjoyed a long breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We stayed at a wonderful, extremely large (for the very small town) hotel that had a Olympic size pool on the 3rd floor. My son was ecstatic about that. Up early the next morning and off to see our possible mission site. We had a wonderful visit, returning with the needed info and lots of pictures.
This is me and Gail from Millermeade Farm
Visit this blog next week and I will introduce to you my 5 new pets.

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