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Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Discovery: DaWanda

On my recent search for specific, unique materials for my creations, I just happened to come across Dawanda. What is Dawanda? Dawanda is a online marketplace for unique, handmade items, much like Etsy but in Europe. The site is in German, so a translator on your computer is very helpful. You will also want to be able to convert Euros to dollars.

The key word is "unique", and that is what I found. I was inspired into creativity with the unique supplies I found. Not only supplies but other creations are magnificent too.

Glass Bead Necklace
Colorful rainbow pearl necklace chain

Adorable Cell Phone Pouch
European Houses Baby Rabbit Cell Phone Pouch

Ecological Girl's Dress
ecological red dress Nora nesemaus

DM Rose Tie
depechemode DM rose silver-gray tie

 Shoulder bag

These are just a few items that I came across within a few minutes of scanning the site. Take time to check it out. I must caution you from my experience though. First, items can be added to cart but when purchasing, you may be disappointed to find they will not ship to the US. I've have found that some sellers do not list that they ship to the US, but will do so upon request. Most will combine shipping too. Second, beware of payment options. Most sellers have several ways to pay. I tried to purchase from someone who didn't accept Paypal, and chose bank draft. I had never done this before, thinking that it was something like an e-check (my ignorance). Then found that I had to go to my bank to wire the funds, costing me an additional $40. The seller was gracious to cancel the order. I then reordered, choosing to pay with a Dawanda voucher. A Dawanda voucher can be purchased through Paypal, bypassing all the extra fees.

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not trying to take away from Etsy or US purchases. Although, I did find unique ribbons that I can't find in the US. Dawanda is a great place for inspiration, or you may want to sell your products there. I just happened to come across RainbowSwirlz (see below) that sells on Etsy ( I have bought a shirt from them), as well as Dawanda.
Summer Flowers Shirt
Summer Flowers American Apparel tee
I just wanted to share, I hope you enjoy your experience.

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  1. I love that purse! It's always nice when you discover cool new things!

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