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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Tutorials

I'm always looking for different ideas, so I search tutorials. So many times I've often looked at a tutorial and find an easier way of doing something.

Being on several email list, I receive lots of new ideas weekly. I thought I would share some of my favorite, very easy tutorials, in hopes it will spring you into creating. These tutorials are not my creations but from other website. I just wanted to share ones I've made and how I've changed them for my personal taste. Just click on the name to visit the website with the tutorial. Happy creating!

Log Cabin Block

These block can be made to hang on walls or lay on a small table. Add heat resistant batting and make a beautiful hot pad to protect your counters. The ideas are endless.

Boo-Boo Bags

These bags make great gifts for adults and children like. Change the shape a little and make it to stretch across the shoulders. I have to say I don't like using rice because being so small it doesn't hold heat a long time. I have used corn, but it has a smell when heated up. It's not a bad smell to me, but some people don't like it. I prefer cherry pits. I don't recommend these for pets as they can be poisonous if the pet tears a whole in the bags and eats the pits.

Painted Jars

These are so easy and fun to make. I love these pumpkins, but the ideas can be endless here too.

Gift Card Cozies

What a great way to personalize a gift card. Add the persons name and they can keep it to keep a credit or debt card in. Make them in holiday fabric is too cute.


  1. Like the idea of the heated bags - have you tried wheat, rather than rice or corn? I have both cherry stones and wheat, and when he used them, my husband used to find both kept their heat well. Without a hound or any other animal, I don't have the problem you mention - should I find the need to use them in the future!

    Thank you for sharing these ideas!

  2. The BooBoo Bags are awesome. I really like the painted jars too. =0)
    Great tutuorials you've shared with us! Thank you.
    from Blogging Buddies


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