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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The New Store: Mountain Attic

Yes, I did it. I opened another Etsy store. I know several people that have multiple stores, and I always wondered why. I mean, I sometimes find it hard to keep up with one store. I have read that if what you sell varies greatly, it is better to open another store catering to that niche.
So, what changed my mind? Well it was my husband, and... a little me. Let me explain. My husband loves those reality shows like American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Storage Wars. He has always loved going to auctions and yard sales too. So he has decided in his spare time, he was going to purchase storage units and sell the goods out of a local building. He is doing pretty good at it, but the main thing is he loves it. I'm not really an auction person, but I love to yard sale. To find that one piece that fits is always exciting. That is what has happened here. He buys a unit and I rummage through the stuff, looking for that perfect piece. Well, I have found several nice vintage pieces.
These pieces are why I opened another store. We are a husband-wife team in this adventure. He travels and brings in the goods, and I take the pictures and list. Our stash is growing on a steady basis. In fact, I don't know how much more we can store here in our home. I recently went to an estate and came home with my Ford Expedition full. In that lot was a very large bag of very nice vintage fabric. It has taken me a while to sort through, measure, and photograph each piece. There is about 50 pieces ranging from 1/2 yard to 3 yards. The biggest challenge has been not to hoard the fabric all to myself.
Mountain Attic is what we decided to call it. Our love for these beautiful mountains seems to find its way into all aspects of our life. But I think it has a catchy ring to it. The shop is slowly being filled with lovely vintage and primitive treasures.
Take a few minutes to check us out...Mountain Attic.
We also have started a Facebook page.

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  1. Wow - that punch bowl is amazing!!! - I'll have to check it out. Your new shop looks lovely! I'm stopping by from Blogging Buddies.


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