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Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite 5 Friday: Resolution

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing Etsy. It's not only a wonderful way to find a fabulous gift or to get inspiration, but also to mingle with like-minded individuals.

I will be promoting (blog, Etsy, Twitter) my "Favorite 5" every Friday, so contact me if you would like me to check out your items. Tell me what you think about these items or share some of your favorites...

Find something you want, just click on the name. Please take time to visit these shops to see all their awesome items.

My favorite 5 this week puts me in the mind of the new year. When I think of  bringing in the New Year, I think of...

Lots of pretty confetti floating in the air.
100 Bright Arctic Snowflake punch die cut scrapbook confetti embellishments noE1293

Don't forget those spectacular fireworks.
Fireworks Card
Set of 4 four Happy New Year cards fireworks photos purple blue green and red 5x7
To celebrate with family and friends at a masked party.
Pink and Gold Metallic Capri Masquerade Mask

A nice lucious lipstick for when you plant that big "happy New Year" kiss on your significant other.
Raspberry Red Lipstick - BITTEN Mineral Lipstick - Deep Raspberry Red Colored Lip Gloss

Of course I can't have a new year without some resolutions...
Personalized Resolutions
Your New Year Resolutions - Personalized Printable Artwork - You Print - Standard frame size 8 x 10

Wishing each of you a safe and happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year to you, too! Hope your 2012 is filled with joy!


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