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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interesting Inventions

While surfing the web, I came across a few items that I thought were interesting. Of course they must be shared with you...
This product is useful and totally adorable. I wish I drank tea just so I could use one of these Penguin Tea Timer. A great way to get your tea perfect every time.
Penguin Tea Timer
I am OCD about my sponges and hand towels in my kitchen. I have to be on the look out to make sure one of  my family members does not use the sponge or towel for anything cleaning up messes on the floor or the sink. This Spongester would help with the sponges.
I love this Stackable Lunch Pot for convienently carrying lunch. Also safe for dishwasher and microwave.
uncommon goods stackable lunch pot


  1. That penguin tea timer is awesome!

  2. That stackable lunch pot is so cute.

  3. The stackable lunch pot is so clever! Gets rid of the hassle of having to carry a big bulky lunch bag. This would be great for school.


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