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Monday, January 2, 2012

Dogs Don't Come Fully Trained

Before I get into the meat of my article I would like to remind everyone that owning a dog is a big responsibility and a privilege. Our responsibility to care for our precious pooch includes the cost of food and veterinarian care, and the time spent training, exercising, and giving attention. Once one has committed to doing these for their dog, their return will be a wonderful, loyal, family dog that IS a privilege to own.
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Research Before Purchase
First rule of thumb, resist impulse purchases, especially when it is a pet! It is so easy to see an adorable puppy  (or any animal for that fact) and want one for yourself or your loved one. It's also easy to see a very well trained dog and think, "I want one of those dogs," not considering the time and dedication it took to train the dog or the characteristics of his breed. I'm here to tell you, not all dogs are good for every family. Dogs are categorized into 7 groups; hound, herding, non-sporting, sporting, terrier, toy, and working. Although the dogs in each group have similar traits, each still have differences that have to be considered. It is cruel to keep a herding or terrier dog confined when they need lots of interaction and exercise. Do not choose a "needy" (meaning needs a lot of attention), if you spend a most of your day at work. Instead choose a laid-back, content to sleep-the-day-away breed. That might mean that you you will not get that cute little dog you seen on TV, but you will be much happier in the long run. I am all about research when considering the purchase of a pet, and I want to know what I can mostly expect from the pet I get. Yes, I do know that not all dogs, even ones of the same breed, are going to be the same. But in training, same breeds can be trained similarly. If you do not want to search the AKC for the right breed for your, try this Dog Breed Survey to find the right breed for you.
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Honestly Consider Your Commitment Level
I am all for adopting a dog from the pound. I know the number of dogs in shelters far exceeds the number of families. But I also know that most of those dogs are mostly mixed breeds and/or pure bred that has some severe baggage. This is where it is time to honestly consider your commitment level. Sometimes the breeds of a mix can be seen clearly, other times not. If I adopt a Basset/Labrador mix, how will I know if it will be easy to train like a Lab or difficult like a Basset? I may be willing to commit to train a Lab, but get easily frustrated training a Basset. Also, most pure bred dogs found at the shelter have been neglected or abused, and require a lot more training than if they were gotten as a pup because of their emotional scarring. Are you willing to spend that extra time? I am not saying that a good dog can not be adopted, whether mixed or pure bred, because I have had a few. What I am saying is that the dog you adopt may require more of a commitment than your willing to give, which leads to an unhappy relationship. On the other side, purchasing a dog requires the same, if not more, of a commitment. Once you have narrowed your breed down, the time it takes to find a good, reputable breeder is a commitment in itself.
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Training Begins At Hello
The moment you have your dog in your hands, training begins. Your dog or puppy did not come knowing what you expect of him, so training must begin immediately. Important training fact to remember: dogs do not have the understanding capacity of "why can't I do it now, when they let me do it before?" If you do not want your dog riding in your lap later when it is 100lbs, do not let it ride in your lap when it is a puppy. Show your pup that you expect it to sit in a crate or harnessed in the back seat from the beginning. Yes, it may whine, howl, or bark, but this is how it will learn what is expected of it. The same theory goes for gnawing on your hands, jumping up on you or the furniture, licking you in the face, chewing up household items, using the bathroom in the house...the list could go on forever. If you do not know how to train your dog, invest in a good dog training book (preferably before you get the dog), and/or enter your dog in obedience classes. I know Petsmart offers basic training classes at just about all their facilities. You can also go to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers to find a trainer in your area.
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In All Seriousness
Dogs are a commitment that can last 10-15 years. Dogs are not disposable. They are a part of your family. They not only deserve your love and care, but your respect. With the right care and training, your dog will become an awesome member of your family. A member of your family that you will thank God for.


  1. Excellent! Great advice I wish all would read!

  2. I find that it helps to think of your pet as a kid. They need just as much care and love (and training for the young ones) as a person. Excellent points!


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