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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your Precious Pet: Miley the Rat

Please take pet ownership seriously, and honestly share what you know about your pet. I always say, "if everyone would realize that pets are a real, living, responsibilities and not an item that is owned or disposable, then maybe more animals will have better lives.”
I have a sincere love for animals. I love to learn and talk about them. Since I have come to the end of being able to feature my wonderful pets, I am moving on to featuring your precious pets. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and maybe a tissue, sit back, get to know and enjoy these wonderful blessings we call pets but are truly a part of our families.
This week I'm featuring Miley a black and white hooded rat. She came into Jan's life in 2009, when a young Russian woman needed someone to foster Miley for a few months. The young woman was not able to return and retrieve Miley, so she had a new forever home with Jan. Jan soon found her a friend, Ella. They ended up being tight buds.
Miley loved to cuddle, play tag, and chase, but she had a rebellious habit of throwing her toys and food in her litter pan. She was not a happy girl when Jan removed them either. Jan learned the hard way not to stick her tongue out at Miley because she will bite it! She could easily be won over by offering her favorite treat ice cream cones and whipped yogurt. Sadly, Miley had passed, but she left a print on Jan's heart.
Jan is the owner of the shop RatAttackTeam. This is how she said she came up with the name, "When I rescued my 1st rat in 1998, Rat Attack Team was the name of a rat eradication team in my city. I wanted the name to stand for a positive out look on rats. Since our wild brown rats are legend here because of their size; they fed at our grain elevators. The grain elevator was my first encounter with a rat as a teenager. My logo name is in honor of both rats - Norway & domestic!"
Soft Sac Tent Lg - Tweeter
She started out by teaching herself to sew, because she wanted quality item for her pets to enjoy. The first item she made was a small animal hammock. Now she not only makes quality hammocks, but several other small animal cage accessories.

RAT SAC Over/Under sm - Dino
RAT SAC Ratatubie tunnel - Vacation
Bonding Pouch
RAT SAC Bonding Pouch - Autumn Leaves
You can see more of her products by following these links:
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RatAttackTeam Facebook Page


  1. What a wonderful story of a bonding friendship between owner and pet.
    I agree with you. Nothing is more painful to hear than an owner telling me their pet is never allowed in the house or they never spend any time with it.
    It is amazing what we can learn from our pets when we spend time with them. I can't imagine a life without our cats.

  2. I like the little items for the rat to play on. Very nice

  3. Our pets do make our life so much more enjoyable.

  4. What a wonderful story. I love to hear how these shop names come about. Such a sweet pair of rats. Cute items, too!


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