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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Precious Pet Series: Junior the Kitten

As you know I love my animals and they are a lot of inspiration behind my crafts. So, I am going to do a series called "My Precious Pets", each telling the story of each pet. I hope you come to love these guys as much as I do...
     Junior soaking up some heat from the gravel
My oldest son works on a local dairy farm, and while on the tractor one day he spotted two dogs playing with something in the pasture. As he got closer, he realized that it was a small kitten. Of course he rescued it and then calls me asking what he should do. I happen to be on a mission trip in South Dakota, after many questions,  I told him to take it home, get our largest crate to keep it in, litterbox, bedding, and feeding instructions. 
     Puney little kitty
I arrived home two days later, to find this puney little kitten in need of some serious TLC. He was extremely thin, but had the swollen, wormie pot belly. I have never seen so many fleas on one animal. His gums were white from all the blood being drained from his system by the flea infestation. My first course of action was to get the fleas off. I bathed him with Zodiac flea and tick shampoo. The water in the sink was red from the dying fleas. I wormed him with kitten wormer and gave him his first vaccines.
     Hanging out with Aaron
One week later, he has lost his wormie pot belly and his gums are turning back pink. With the help of some good canned food, he is putting on a few pounds too.
     Not sure if he likes the swing
Junior is extremely friendly, trying to get attention from our other cat, Jazzy, and German Shepherd, Goob. Goob licks him on the head, but Jazzy snubs him. I'm thankful they don't fight. Junior loves my youngest son, Aaron too.
     Looking better than before
Junior spends most of his day lounging on the porch. He is turning out to be a great addition to our farm.


  1. Junior is one blessed little kitty! I just know God placed him right there in your yard because He knew you would love the fleas right out of him! What a wonderful story!
    I can't help but add this....I read from your top post down, so I had just finished the post on struggles in life. I am thinking now, from Junior's perspective, how hopeless and helpless he must have felt. And here were two giant dogs now, on top of everything else, ready to finish him off! Maybe he was about to give up....when all of a sudden his human savior appears. And look where he is now! SO many parallels between the two posts. God does see all and knows everything. He rescues us, comforts us, stretches us, and in everything, causes us to depend on Him.
    Thanks for sharing! I'm following so I can get the rest of the fur friend series!

    Patty @beyond_5 and Catcalls

  2. What a great happy ending story. I am glad Junior is doing so well, and that your son happenned along when he did.

  3. I'm so glad ya'll enjoyed Junior's story. He is doing better every day. He started really playing a few days ago. I caught him on the side of our porch swatting at butterflies on my butterfly bush. I also caught him trying to pounce on our other cat, Jazzy. I'll keep updates of Juniors progress.


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