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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Peek at the New Hoglets

This past Monday, Spike and Lucy became the proud parents of three hoglets. This is their first time with little babies. I know we are to not disturb Lucy because the could be hazardous to the little hoglets, but I find myself checking on them. They squeak all the time and I wonder if she is squashing them or poking them with her spikes. The few views I've had of them, they are always all right. I finally got a few pictures of the little guys as Lucy was heading out to take a potty and lunch break. I hope you enjoy these. Check back at they grow into adorable little hedgies.

      Lucy is not very happy about me taking her picture

     I see a little pink nose.   

      This baby pops as mom's nose touches him/her.

      Snuggling up for warmth while mom is out.

     A face only a mother can love...


  1. I just saw this. How exciting! Did you know Lucy was pg or only knew when they became parents. :)

  2. I knew she was pg. Hedgehogs are solitary animals. They are the sweetest little things.

  3. Congrats, grandma. Teehee. :) I remembered years ago when my lovebird got pg... I didn't know until the day before she laid her first egg, "Oh, she got a big tummy." I was young.


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