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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wienie Adventures: Bath Day

I love dogs, but the one thing I don't like is that stinky doggie smell.  So, for the indoor doggies, every Saturday is bath day. I prepare the bathroom by getting out two large towels and my grooming tray which includes: Fresh-n-Clean shampoo (the best, long-lasting shampoo), ear cleaner, teeth cleaner, eye stain cleaner, brush, scissors, nail clippers, blood stop (just in case I cut too close), and Q-tips. 
After setup, I call the Wienies. They come running down the hallway until they realize we are headed into the bathroom. Their steps slow considerably.
Next I flip them on their backs to trim their nails and trip the hair between their pads. I have to cover Toby's head because he can be a bit nippy.
Both are relieved that is over. Next they go into the bathtub.
This part they like...shampoo and scrub.
I clean Dinky's tear stain on his white side. Then the dreaded teeth cleaning with lots of licking and shaking of the heads.
Now time to clean the ears. I use Q-tips to gently wipe the outer ear. Be careful not to go too deep.
Another of their favorite parts...towel drying. You can see Toby is living it up.
A relaxing brush down...ahhh.
Weeee...the bath is over and we're clean!


  1. SOOOO adorable! You have the cutest doxies! Dinky's colors are the best!

  2. Cute. What kind of teeth cleaner you use. I take Gigi to groomer for nails trim and I only give her bath once every quarter (if I do it), because she has reaaaaaaaaally dry skin.

  3. Cute pics. Sasha hates baths, but really doesn't put up too much of a fuss. She figures she will gripe later on her blog. heehee. Love the after bath zoomie pics. It is like yay we survived another bath. heehee.

  4. Thanks so much Art and Sew Forth. Dinky's pattern is called double dapple. When two dapples are bred together, sometimes you get a pup with a lot of white and blue eyes. I've only seen a few of them.

    The teeth cleaner I use called VPS Dental rinse.

    Athena, my favorite part is the after bath romp. They always crap me up with their shinanigins (spelling ?).


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