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Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Hedgehog Update and Giveaway

I caught Lucy out of her nesting box today and thought I would take a peek at the hoglets. I am so curious if they're boys or girls.
Babies asleep in their bed.
Seeing these cuties puts me in the mind for a giveaway. This giveaway will end on August 29th (the hoglets 6 week birthday). The winner will be chosen by
Sweet baby #1.

What will you win?
You will win your choice (several colors to choose from) of 2 small animal Cozy Saks from my store, King Mtn Treasures. These Cozy Saks are a great way to keep your hedgehog, rat, sugar glider, chinchilla, or guinea pig in cozy comfort. (NOTE: this giveaway is for 2 small animal Cozy Saks. Dog Cozy Saks excluded.)
Cozy Sak-multi floral/turquoise

     Sweet baby #2.

How to you win?
You will have 4 chances to enter: I want to know what do you think the hoglets are, boys or girls? I will reveal the answer when I announce the winner on August 29th.
  • Follow this blog, 1 entry.
  • Leave a comment about the above question, 1 entry.
  • Follow KingMtnTreasures on Twitter.
  • Like KingMtnTreasures page on Facebook, 1 entry.
Please leave 1 comment for each entry.
     Sweet baby #3
      Lucy in her litter box.


  1. I think they are all little girls =] I love the pic of baby #2!

  2. Are they really called hoglets? They are adorable! I say one boy, two girls.

  3. Yes, they are called hoglets...cute name huh?

  4. The hoglets are sweet! I think they are all boys!

  5. I think it is 2 boys and a girl!

  6. omg too cute! I say boys!

  7. i follow via gfc

  8. um your website isn't working


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