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Thursday, August 25, 2011

New in the Wienie Collection

I love to laugh. My Dachshund give me chances to do just that with all their hi-jinks. They are also my inspiration. . I started creating these Dachshund dolls about 4 years ago, but have slacked off in last few years. I am slowly getting back in the groove with new ideas and changes of the originals.

I call them Wienies and each is unique and intended to make you laugh or at least smile. I give each a name, many with German because Dachshunds are German. I use to make them with a primitive them, by using rusty embellishments and staining them with coffee. Now I want more of a cute, whimsical theme.

They make great, unique gifts for that Dachshund lover. Collect them all.
Here are some past Wienies and Dinky.

Here are a few I have created in lately (click on the name to purchase Wienie):
 "Liberty" is a Wienie in honor of our American flag. Land of the free is what comes to mind when I look at this little Wienie. It has red/white striped body with navy/white starred ears.

 I made butterfly costumes for Dinky and Toby last for a costume contest. That costume was the idea behind this Wienie. I used a lot of the same material. Her name is "Schmetterling" which is german for butterfly.

 We have an apiary of 11 hives, so you have to know I love honey bees. For this one I couldn't find a fabric that I liked so I painted the stripes on the body. Its name is "Honigbiene", german for honey bee.

I have always love ladybugs because the are useful in the garden and just cute. I had a hard time deciding on the wings. I didn't want them to stick out like other bug wings. Her name is "Marienkager"

"Woxie" is her name and she is ready to sweep down to your house for Halloween. It took several tries to get her hat just like I wanted it.

I'm in the process of making more Halloween, fall, and Christmas Wienies so check back for updates.

My Wienie was featured on Tail From The Dach Side.

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