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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Movie Review: Secretariat

There are a lot of great animal movies out there, and I've seen most of them, but what I love about Secretariat is that it glorifies God. The movie starts off with Penny reading a passage out of Job. In that Scripture God is talking to Job, saying "Do you give the horse its strength?"(Job 39:19). Job chapters 38-41 are God speaking to Job, telling of things that He has control of, no one else.

The fact that Secretariat won the Triple Crown and the last of the three races, he won by 31 links. Let me say that again...he won by 31 links! That is a record that no other horse has come close to. He was named the Super Horse. How could he possibly have won with that kind of distance over the other great racers? All I have to say is "who gives the horse his strength?"

Interesting movie info: Making of the Movie

See the original race:

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