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Friday, September 9, 2011

Favorite 5 Friday: Love Your Pocket Pet

In honor of this weeks Precious Pet feature, my favorite picks are with our adorable pocket pets in mind.

Not only is the picture just adorable, I'm loving this pink pokadot pouch.
Hanging Small Animal Pouch
CUTE 5.5" Sugar Glider-Rat (small animal) Hanging WARM Pouch Bag washable

These are adorable little pineapple chews.
Loofah Pineapple Chew
Summer Treat Loofah Chew ( pineapple-shaped ) for Small Animals

I love this cute little cuddle bed with whales on it.
Cuddle Bed
Whales Oval Cuddle Cup for Guinea Pig/Hedgehog/Rat/Small Animals

My hedgehog loves these tunnels.
Play Tunnel

Jungle Animals Play Tunnel - Regular Size

What a great way to bond with your little pet.
Bonding Bag
Sugar Glider/ Small Animal Bonding Pouch


  1. Is your hedgehog a real prickly live one, or a cuddly type that is hand-made? If the former, how on earth do you persuade it to use the very pretty tunnel? If the latter, do you have a pattern for one, that I could borrow, copy or even buy from you?

    The local pre-school class at the village school has a bunch of 2-5 year olds who revel in the name of Hedgehogs, and I'd dearly like to be able to provide them with a mascot (together with a Fox (or Foxes) for their Foxes class in the Big School! Whilst I have samples ready to offer of the Foxes, I've so far been unable to find a pattern for the Hedgehogs that I feel looks even presentable, let alone to match my existing toys.

    (You may care to visit my Etsy shop at to see what I mean - also you might like to read my blog, where I write about how I make, mend and otherwise create the Cuddlies). Look forward to further contacts. Isobel

  2. Isobel my hedgehogs are real live ones. You can read about them:

    I have seen patterns for hedgehogs in several softie books, but they are not large.

    Love your bears.


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