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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your Precious Pet: Darla the Standard Poodle

Please take pet ownership seriously, and honestly share what you know about your pet. I always say, "if everyone would realize that pets are a real, living, responsibilities and not an item that is owned or disposable, then maybe more animals will have better lives.”

I have a sincere love for animals. I love to learn and talk about them. Since I have come to the end of being able to feature my wonderful pets, I am moving on to featuring your precious pets. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and maybe a tissue, sit back, get to know and enjoy these wonderful blessings we call pets but are truly a part of our families.

Darla is an adorable, 8 month old Standard Poodle. Her mom, Lauren, was in search for the perfect therapy dog, when she came upon Darla. 

 In hopes of becoming an Animal Assisted therapy dog for those going through physical or occupational therapy sessions, Lauren spends lots of time training Darla. They also enjoy walks and trips to the groomer. Darla has a great dedication to learning something new, and she loves everyone. Being happy and playful, Lauren says “she is a total goofball. She slips and slides all over the hardwood floors, even tripping over herself!” Although Darla likes a lot of things her favorite toys are her Kong treat ball and her Kong dental stick, in which she will play all day. She also has an sometimes uncontrollable desire to play with socks. Knowing that it’s wrong, but she just can not help herself when are sitting around tempting her. She gets sad, dropping her ears, when she is told to get in her crate, knowing that she does not get to go.

Other than her sock fetish, Darla is a sloppy drinker, slobbering everywhere. Lauren says she has to mop up after her. She also has lots of energy requiring lots of mental stimulation and proper exercise. Poodles are very intelligent breed that likes to have something to do.

 Lauren started her business, Dogologie, because of Darla. She had a hard time finding collars she liked, so she started making her own. When asked how she came up with the name, she said, “I am a psychology major and thought it kind of fit: a piece of me and her. Plus I thought it sounded a lot like the popular store "Anthropologie" and gave it a fun twist.” With an obsessive love for fabric, Lauren loves making collars the best. But she also sells leashes, accessories, and dog cookies. 

Country Apple
Dog Collar: Country Apples Green or Red

Other great items from Dogologie:
Halloween Collar
Dog Collar: Halloween Spiders With Sparkles

Peanut Butter Cookies  (buy her cookies and get some donated to the shelter dogs)
Dog Cookies: All Natural Peanut Butter

Glitter Bow Collar
Dog Collar: Pink Glitter and Damask with Bow

For more info on the Standard Poodle, go to Dog Breed Info.


  1. Darla is so sweet, great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I think more people would pick the right pets if they understood the characteristics of the breed better.

  3. Agree wholeheartedly with your comment that pets are not just "for Christmas"!

    We've had many in our 42 years of marriage, but the last one had perhaps the most character.

    He came to us aged 7, after living with a University professor's family before. Children had all grown up and left, wife had died a nasty death from cancer, and professor wanted to visit his globally spread family - understandably. Winston needed another pad and via a convoluted route, he arrived with us. Latterly, he had developed a habit of taking himself for walks (he was a border collie/English setter cross), so to prevent this, he had been kept on a long rope in a courtyard during the day, surrounded by an 8 ft. wall. Didn't keep him in, though; he simply chewed through the rope and jumped the wall! He was chipped, so he was always found by the local police - he was known to just about every police station in the town! It was a miracle he survived, because his traffic sense was nix! When he lived with us, we never let him off the lead when walking him - he loved being with us, but everyone else was much more interesting! Before he had to be put to sleep, when his back legs failed - if the Good Lord had intended Woofers to scale 8 ft. walls regularly, he'd have made legs to fit! - he had become a natural PAT (Pets As Therapy) Dog. We lived near an old folk's home, and he was a regular visitor to the home's lounges. He would go to each person in their chair, and be patted. If the person was asleep - he'd just look, and move on. No one ever taught him to do that! We've been parted 8 years now - but I still miss the old chap. He was nearly 14-1/2 when he left us.

    Thanks for letting me remember my old friend!

  4. I always love hearing about other peoples pets and experiences with them. Thanks for sharing Isobel.

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