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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Junior~Oh How You've Grown

I just wanted to update everyone on how Junior is doing. For those of you who don't know who Junior is, he is a kitten that my son rescued out of the mouths of some dogs this past summer. Here is the beginning of his story, if you want to understand his beginnings with our family.
This picture above shows Junior when we first got him. He was sick with runny eyes and nose. Emaciated but with a pot belly indicating lots of worms. His gums and corners of his eyes were white indicating anemia. This was partly due to the worms, but he was also severely infested with fleas. You can see the tell-tell signs of his lack of nutrition and unhealthy conditions by the faded color and coarse texture of his coat too.
This photo was taken about a month later. We treated him for fleas, worms, a head cold, and gave him his first vaccines. You can see that he feels much better by the brightness in his eyes and the healthier looking coat.
Despite his health, Junior has always been the most loving and tolerant kitten I've ever seen. This picture was taken about 6 weeks ago. My son is always carrying him around or playing with him. As you can see, Junior tolerates a lot.
Junior is always into mischief. As you can see above, he's attaching my other cat, Jazzy. He also stalks and jumps on my wienie dogs when they are out for a potty break.
Well, Junior has reached a milestone...he got neutered last week. He is a happy, healthy, cat that has made a wonderful addition to our family. Here are a few more pictures that I took today...
You can see how he's grown into a beautiful cat.
I love how his markings have really deepened and become defined.
Of course, he's still up to mischief and always playing.


  1. That's a really heart-warming tale - well done all, espcially Junior!

    Look forward to further updates. He's got some beautiful tabby markings and looks like growing into a very handsome puss!

  2. What a handsome boy! I rescued my kitten too, boy do they grow up fast.

  3. Junior has surely grown...and he is so handsome!! I am so happy that he was so lucky to be rescued by your family.


  4. Aaaahhh...Pets are like babies...They grow up so fast! And - Yay for neutered pets. =)
    from Blogging Buddies

  5. Cute kitty! And yes! He HAS grown!



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