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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy in the Sewing Room

I have been busy trying to get my store stocked up with lot so items. This is difficult for me because I really have a hard time balancing everything that needs to be done, plus life seems to be extremely busy right now. I try to do most of my computer work in the early AM before everyone else is up. Then its breakfast and getting Aaron started in his school work. After lunch is spent doing all the other things like writing articles for blog, sewing, cleaning house, etc. Anyway, there just never seems to be enough time and I get stressed.

I don't like to do one project from start to finish and then start a completely new project. Instead, I spend a few hours cutting out several projects, then put them in the clothes basket. Those in the basket are waiting on my label to be sewn on. I do all that a the same time too because I sew my label on with white thread and it keeps me from having to change my thread so much. That brings up another thing I do, I then organize my projects by what color thread I will be using to sew them. Again, this is done to keep from changing thread so much. Then it's time to sew my little heart out, I choose a stack and go with it.

Here's a few pictures of projects I'm working on in the sewing room:
This is my stack that needs labels sewn into place. There is a clothes basket under that stack somewhere...
I have some new colors to add to my Jolly Jazzy catnip toy line. I'm also working on my fall and Christmas Wienies. 
Several change and cosmetic purses waiting to go under the machine.

I have taken some time to work on a new creation. This pieces are my first attempt at my idea. Here's a sneak peek...
Can you guess what it will be?


  1. can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. For the most part it seems like you are pretty much oganized. I know what you mean about balance. I've struggled with that one so much myself.

  3. Looks as though it could be a hot water bottle cover for a child's bed? Or, maybe, a cushion/pillor cover for a child's bedroom?

    You're one of these incredibly clever multi-taskers! I sometimes cut out several toys at the same time (see but only the little ones. The dressed toys get far too complicated - and I simply don't have the space. But I am in awe of the amount you've got planned! I'd never get anything else done!

  4. Great organizational tips. I'm not a sewer but I do need to look at ways to save time. Time is just flying by this year!

    My guess is that they are mini purses!

  5. I also try to do my computer work early in the morning or late at night. Custom orders have caused me to put in some VERY long nights--that was easier when I was in college!! You seem very organized!


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