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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Hedgehog

Thursday's is a time to reflect on what you see, so give me your thoughts or caption the picture.
Lucy the hedgehog.


  1. Cute picture! I used to have a hedgehog when I was in high school. Love the face it's making lol. Thanks for following my blog hop, following you back now :)


  2. Very cute. It looks young, is it? I like the title "Thoughtful Thursdays."

  3. "If I open my eyes - will there be a worm for me?"

    I'm looking for a hedgehog pattern I can use to make one for the local pre-school children in our village in Wiltshire, UK. Their group are called Hedgehogs! Do you know any one who is artistic and capable of pattern making who could oblige?

    Think a Hedgehog would also make a great addition to my toys collection at Obviously willing to pay for the pattern, and say who provided it on the blog at www.ColdhamCuddliescalling,

    Do hope this plea is successful! Isobel

  4. This little gal in my Lucy. She is grown but not a year old yet. She was very moody when I first got her,but she has turned out to be a lap hedgehog. In this picture, I just gave her a dried mealworm. I got the picture just at the right time with her licking her chops.

    Artisanallunwound, I just thought of the idea of "Thoughtful Thursdays" a few days ago. I always see so many "wordless Wednesdays" but I wanted something a little different.


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