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Saturday, October 22, 2011

King Mtn Treasures Is Supporting Animal Rescue

With life as busy as it is, I'm unable to donate time to help local rescues. Further more, I don't have enough space to foster pets in need (plus my hubby would kill me). I follow several rescue groups on twitter and watch rescue show, all touch my heart tremendously. With this in mind, I have chose 3 rescues that I would like to help support.

First is the ASPCA. Their fight for the rights of poor animals that have been treated unfairly amazes me. I have made several dog tug toys from fleece scraps. The colors vary, they come in small and medium sizes, and are available in lots of 2-4. The best part is the full price goes to support the ASPCA.
Dog Tug Toys-4
Dog Tug Toys-4 Small-Purchase Help Fight Animal Cruelty-Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Tan, Grey

Second is the Furever Dachshund Rescue. This rescue provides foster homes for abandoned or abused Dachshunds. They also educate people on the breed and pet care. This rescue is run by volunteers. I have a few Dachshund themed items that, if purchase, 50% of funds got to the Furever Dachshund Rescue.
Dachshund Witch
Dachshund Doll- Halloween Witch-Help Support Dachshund Rescue

The last is with my local humane society; McMinn Regional Humane Society. This is where we adopted our beloved Jazzy. As most humane societies, they are short on help and funds. Certain items will provide a 50% donation to this rescue.
Patchwork Tote
Large Patchwork Tote - A Dog's Life-Help Support McMinn Regional Humane Society

Please help support these wonderful pet rescues...King Mtn Treasures

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