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Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Camping Trip

Several weeks ago we went camping in the Cherokee National Forest. There are several really great places to camp. We usually go deep into the forest away from everyone, but this time we decided to try this campground on the North River.
The campsite here are very large with plenty of room for the dogs to run around. I wish I had brought our badminton set. This is the second time we have used our new tent. It is nice and roomy. It has a doggie door too, but I don't leave it unzipped because of all the raccoons, skunks, and possums. That wouldn't be a nice surprise to wake up to.
They have a grill but I brought ours which was already clean. I'm grilling some chicken, roasting the corn, and have garlic onions cooking in the pan. Dinner was yummy. There is just something about cooking over an open fire that makes the food take wonderful.
Dinky and Toby taking a rest while I cook dinner.
We went just after public school started back so there wasn't many people in the campground.
Dinky is a little spoiled. He doesn't like to lay in the dirt or grass. Here he is sitting in my chair.
Toby kept trying to wonderful off while I was packing the car up, so I put him in his crate. He looks so cute there pouting.
There are a lot of beautiful places inside the forest. Here is one of our fishing holes. Makes a good swimming hole too.


  1. Awww I have a dachshund too! I wish he was as well behaved as yours look! Great pics.

  2. This looks like so much fun! Haven't been camping in years, should definitely go again - great pix and post!

  3. It is a lot of fun, but we need to invest in some blow-up mattresses.

    Toby and Dinky are very well behaved dogs, but Toby likes to push to the limit.

  4. I grew up with dachshunds and still have a soft spot for them - even though I progressed to labs, and a.s.p's (all spare parts!)

    Dinky looks an interesting colour - as though a parent wandered prior to his arrival? Is that so? Toby is my favourite dachsie colour, and I'm in awe of how good they both are when food is being cooked on a grill and almost mouth height!

    Never mind the racoons etc. what about bears? While I like making them (see at, am not sure I'd be too happy camping in their vicinity! One hears such tales, doesn't one - and such fauna are not usual in the UK!


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